Our Experts:

Ritter Richard von Raffay founded EWIV-Trust (EEIG-Trust) in 2012.
His job is easily defined by a very simple slogan:
Competence, Transparency and Efficiency
He cooperates with a high qualified and high motivated network of lawyers and tax-advisors, who organized and managed EWIV-constructs successfulkly all over Europe ( Berlin - Hamburg - Sofia - Tallin )

What we can do for You :

Creation or provision of our services such as:
▪  report
 ▪ planning advice
 ▪ negotiations with the tax authorities
 ▪ participation in audits
 ▪ Representation in extra-judicial redress and court cases

We will present the capabilities and features of a particular grouping in such a way as:
1. We will analyse at the beginning whether the prospective construct of an EEIG in question is feasible.
2. We will accompany  your EEIG from of its founding to the first balance
 (also over a longer period).
3. Development of opportunities for cooperation with companies in Europe and abroad.
Ewiv Trust has a network of experienced attorneys and tax consultants. The introductory discussion is of course not binding and cost neutral.

EEIG - Do you know these 4 letters? Or otherwise disengaged, we assume that you do not know these four letters. these four letters stand for ....

 In France, for Societas Europeae (SE); In England they are denominated European economic interest grouping (EEIG) and Sweden europeisk Ekonomisk intressegruppering (EEIG) and here is a list of most EU countries:

♥ Austria: Europäische wirtschaftliche Interessenvereinigung (EWIV)
♥ Bulgaria: Европейско обединение по икономически интереси (ЕОИИ)
♥ Czech Republic: Evropské hospodářské zájmové sdružení (EHZS)
♥ Denmark: Europæisk økonomisk firmagruppe (EØFG)
♥ Germany: Europäische wirtschaftliche Interessenvereinigung (EWIV)
♥ Great Britain: European Economic Interest Grouping (EEIG)
♥ Estonia: Euroopa majandushuvigrupp (EMHG)
♥ Finland: Eurooppalainen taloudellinen etuyhtymä (ETEY)
♥ France: Groupement européen d'intérêt économique (GEIE)
♥ Greece: Ευρωπαϊκός Όμιλος Οικονομικού Σκοπού (ΕΟΟΣ)
♥ Hungary: Európai Gazdasági Egyesülés (EGE)
♥ Ireland: Grupail Eorpach um Leas Eacnamaioch (GELE)
♥ Italy: Gruppo europeo di interesse economico (GEIE)
♥ Latvia: Eiropas Ekonomisko interešu grupa (EEIG)
♥ Lithuania: Europos ekonominių interesų grupė (EEIG)
♥ Malta: Grupp Ewropew ta’ Interess Ekonomiku (GEIE)
♥ Netherlands: Europees economisch samenwerkingsverband (EESV)
♥ Poland: Europejskie zgrupowanie interesów gospodarczych (EZIG)
♥ Portugal: Agrupamento europeu de interesse económico (AEIE)
♥ Romania: Grup European de Interes Economic (GEIE)
♥ Sweden: Europeisk ekonomisk intressegruppering (EEIG)
♥ Slovakia: Európske zoskupenie hospodárskych záujmov (EZHZ)
♥ Slovenia: Evropsko gospodarsko interesno združenje (EGIZ)
♥ Spain: Agrupación europea de interés económico (AEIE)

There are some European corporate forms - Have you ever asked  what they are for  and what is their use ? And why you so little knowledge about them ?

Could it be, that the national tax law does not want you to know it ? that you deal with it? The fact is that EU law is above the national tax laws!

... Time is running!









• von Raffay


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